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Thomas Schmitz - Vice President


Passionate about integrity and excellence...
in and out of the work place.

Vice President Thomas Schmitz oversees the business development of Ischebeck Can Ltd. throughout Canada, and engages in creating relationships with customers and business partners. His goal is to make Ischebeck Can Ltd. a respected supplier for Concrete Formwork and Shoring Systems, and become a trusted partner in the industry. Thomas is equally passionate about making Ischebeck Can Ltd. a work place where employees feel valued and content, and are provided the room to learn and develop.

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Thomas was born and educated in Germany. He is an electrical engineer trained at the Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen. Before coming to Canada he worked as a doctoral fellow and research scientist at the Institute of Medicine of the Research Centre Jülich. Subjects of the studies he was involved in were radiation biophysics (Microdosimetry), proton radiation therapy and positron emission tomography (PET) for brain research. Immigrating to Canada offered him the opportunity to switch careers and explore and learn private enterprise.

Why Ischebeck

Prior to Ischebeck Can Ltd., Thomas worked at Con-Tech Systems Ltd. a supplier of geo-support systems where he looked after marketing, information technology (IT) and other aspects of the operation. He was excited when Ischebeck USA approached him to establish Ischebeck Can Ltd. knowing Ischebeck to be a reliable company producing innovative, well designed and manufactured equipment. Thomas easily identifies with Ischebeck's core values of excellence and innovation, and of never compromising quality for short term gain.

Community Involvement

Thomas is engaged in the communities he lives and works in. Personally he is a beekeeper and engages in helping the cause of the honeybee through learning, education and community participation.

Member of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) - site opens in new window

Currently Thomas serves as Chair of the Manufacturers and Supplier Council of the VRCA (Vancouver Regional Construction Association) and sits on its board.


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